Add custom fields in your vendor registration.

  • From the admin panel, navigate to jMarket >> Tools >> Models & Fields
  • Select Fields ( 0) Fields column next to "vendor" to create a vendor fields
  • From the fields page, click New to create a field
  • Fill in all the field data and assign it to the location you want the field to appear
  • Click save once you are done



Vendor registration (text field) looks like this in the storefront:


Customize Vendor Fields

You can easily customize (disable/add panes/add columns/add rows) the vendor registration view.

  • From the admin panel, go to jApps >> Design >> Views
  • Locate "vendor registration" and click "elements" under Elements column
  • You should see all the elements of Vendor Registration view
  • From the vendor registration elements page, you can disable/re-order the elements you want


For some reason when you attempt to save an edited element, the system might ask you for a pick-list under "Field specific" tab, just select "Reserved Pick-list".


Add Rows or Columns

You can also add rows and columns if you want the vendor registration to show in 2 columns or 2 rows.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set the vendor registration in 2 rows inside a pane container.

Things to note

  1. Do Not leave stray elements with no parents if you added panes or columns
  2. Do Not disable important elements like password, email, etc.. it could cause registration malfunction
  3. Any modified elements or new ones are set to 'uncore" by default so you can upgrade safely without being overwritten
  4. If the view is broken, Joobi support will reset the view to core similar to "reset to factory settings" in your gadgets. This means your modified view will be remove to fix the problem.
  • From the vendor registration elements page, click New button to create a new element with a "Create row" type.


  • Create 2 rows (row1 and row2) type elements and 2 pane containers (pane1 and pane 2) .
  • Then you need to assign the panes to one of the created rows



  • Once the rows and panes are created, you can now start re-assigning all the elements to the new parents


Vendor registration looks like this before adding rows and panes.


Vendor registration looks like this after adding rows and panes.


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