Custom Services

We have services designed to help you reach your goals quickly.

Custom Development

At Joobi we offer a wide range of software analysis and delivers concrete and feasible solutions to web enterprises to work on web-related problems and help them run their business smoothly.
We understand that there is no universal application that can fulfill the requirements of every online business owner on the planet.
But what should you do if you need something special and unique? In that case we have a customization service solution for you.

Minimum Rate: $35-70 USD/Hour depending on your project complexity. However if project will take more than 3 hours of our time, we'll use a fixed rate base on your deadline.

Our development service covers the following tasks:

(1) Implementation of new features
(2) Integration with other third party applications
(3) Development of new applications within WordPress, Joomla, Mobile Apps or any other platforms

Before we can start the development we will need you to provide the following:
(1) Detailed specification of your requirements
(2) Your credentials — we require you to provide us all necessary API information and credentials to start the integration. (for payment and shipping integration)
(3) Full custom development payment — we don't accept projects that are not paid full price.
(4) All request submitted will be examined and defined if we can take the development work for you or we will forward your request to some partner development companies.

Contact Us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the VIP Ticket System

Setup service

Minimum Rate: $45 USD/Hour
Duration:1-5 Hours / website depending on the complexity of the requirements.

Setup- Joobi experienced professionals can assist you with setup and configuration base on your requirements. Having said that, we can only setup for features which are available in the current stable release version. No coding and/or third party integration is included.

Our installation service covers the following steps:

  • Ensure Joobi applications are configured to run smoothly
  • Setup and Configure Joobi applications base on your requirements using available product features
  • Perform a series of samples to make sure the product is properly working
  • We will update your Joobi applications to the latest version. In the case that you made a custom code in the core files, we do not restore your custom code addon.
  • CSS/ Theme Design changes - need to be discussed separately

Before we can proceed with installation service we will need you to provide:

  • Detailed requirements—specific application setup
  • Access to your website administrator area
  • Full installation service payment

Setup service does not include the following:

  • We will not setup Joomla or WordPress settings not related to Joobi Applications
  • We do not install/configure your plugins/themes that are not part of Joobi Applications
  • We do not accept data entry job, we only provide samples to ensure your requirements are met
  • Joomla / WordPress training
  • Custom functionality add-on

We highly recommend to contact us first via VIP Ticket or LiveChat before purchasing the setup package to ensure that your requirements are feasible.

Emergency Support Service

Minimum Rate: $55 USD/Hour

Note: This is not 24/7 support. We only able to provide support during our working hours 7:00-21:00 GMT Monday to Friday including Holidays. We do not offer weekend support, but if you have the need please contact us for more details (fees may apply).

What's included?

  • We will fix any urgent and critical issues related to Joobi products that stops you from having a working website. If your issue can wait for the next release, please don't buy this service.
  • We will fix issues for Joobi products with outdated versions or site that are unable to update due to custom work.
  • We will provide support directly via email and skype if needed
  • We will fix CSS/JS issues related issues that cause Joobi products to malfunction.

What's NOT included?

  • We will not fix any third party conflict
  • We do not diagnose server related issues that result from poor server quality. We might recommend you to move to a new host or upgrade your server to a better performance.


  • First in the queue for specialist attention
  • It's like having your own personal developer
  • Fastest possible response to break/fix report
  • If you have a customized Joobi products and is unable to update, Joobi specialist can fix any Joobi issues that stops you from having a functional site. Note that we do not add features which are available in the latest version, we only fix for issues that may arise.

We highly recommend to contact us first via VIP Ticket or LiveChat before buying the emergency package to ensure that we have the time and resources to accommodate your request.