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Ticket support is available from 7am-9pm GMT (Monday through Friday).

Support is currently Open

Joobi support hours are from 7:00 - 21:00 from monday to friday (GMT +1)

Tips to Get Answers Faster

We understand that you all want to get a quick answer to your questions as soon as possible. In order for us to give you the quickest possible answer, you need to follow below tips to get the answers you need faster. The more information you can give us, the better it helps the support team assign a priority to your issue.

  • Be polite. Being mean doesn't encourage us to help.

  • Be patient. We are helping lots of people.

  • Write descriptive titles

  • Within reason try and make your ticket title reveal as much as possible. Doesn't need to be a novel, just be descriptive. E.g. "jMarket 3.0 unable to create payment gateway". This provides quite a bit of information straight away.

  • Explain your environment

  • Provide informations that might help us work out the issue like, the site is running in a shared host, the browser is IE9, it's PHP version, etc.  Any information that you can provide about the environment that you have Joobi apps running in can help with the diagnosis.

  • Copy any error text into the report

  • Saying " it's showing blank page! fix it! is not going to help you or anyone. The first thing you need to do is enable the Joomla debug mode and then go back to the page where it shows blank page.

    Even if you don't know what caused the error most of the time there will be some sort of error message or error page displayed that you can either screenshot or copy into the report to help us diagnose the issue.

  • Provide the step-by-step

  • Work out the steps it takes to create the bug and write them down as accurately as you can. Maybe even consider providing screenshots and recording if you think that it would help.

  • Version is important

  • Make sure you tell us what version of Joobi and Joomla you are using.

  • Accessible Website

  • In the case where we cannot replicate the same issue on our end, you need to provide us with credential to your website so we can diagnose the issue. A temporary super administrator access and FTP information are a great help to assist us in troubleshooting your site easily. Only provide this informations via ticket or email to a Joobi representative. No website credentials, we are unable to extend our support.

  • Assign your ticket to a correct category

  • Make sure to assign your ticket to a correct category to speed up the ticket response and to avoid misinformation.

  • Identify that it's actually a bug

  • Sometimes you're just doing it wrong but thinking it's a bug.  Make sure that what you are experiencing is actually a bug and that it can be repeated.

  • Don't create duplicate tickets

  • Try to find out if someone else has already reported the issue. If they have not add to their report that you are experiencing the same issue, provide any additional information you have that could help solve the problem.

  • Report each issue separately

  • Do not send us ten issue in a single bug report.  Send us one issue per ticket. This helps us to delegate the issues out to the right developers and also saves us a bunch of busy work splitting your ticket into smaller workable chunks.

  • Feature requests are not bugs

  • Just because the system doesn't have the feature you want, doesn't mean its a bug.

    All of this said, the most important thing for us is you.

    The highest priority is to answer your concerns. We are taking several measures to improve response time and continue to handle your requests in a timely manner.

Friendly Reminder

Joobi uses "evaluate before you buy" approach, we do NOT issue refunds after a subscription is purchased.
All basic plan (3 months) includes a back-link to Joobi.org

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