Website Backup: Your Responsibility!

Backing up your website is extremely important and should be done regularly. As the owner of a self-hosted Joomla and WordPress website, you are responsible for your own data. If there is an unexpected failure or you make a serious mistake, you could lose everything if you don’t keep regular backups.

When to backup:

  • A complete site backup must be done before updating any component / plugin, the core CMS, or Joobi Apps (customized or not)
  • A complete site backup must be done before handling your website credentials (admin login, FTP and PHPmyadmin) to any Joobi support personnel
  • Backup must be performed once a day or weekly


Joobi support care about your data, and we ensure to preserve your data while we are working on your website wherever possible, however Joobi will not be held legally liable for any data loss.

Loss of Data:

Joobi will NOT backup your data prior to working on your website.

It is our goal to protect your data while you are performing Joobi app update. However any technical debugging and customized data that you have added in your website may get deleted or restored to default state in order to restore the original behavior of the product. Joobi will make every attempt to preserve your data but Joobi does not guarantee any backup.