What Is Joobi?

Joobi complete solution

Joobi has created an extraordinary tools from Email Marketing, eCommerce, Help Desk and customer management, letting you focus more on important aspects of your business, rather than on cobbling together different tools.

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How It Works

1. Download jApps

jApps is a type of digital distribution for all Joobi applications which allows you to automatically manage Joobi Apps installed on their website—new application and updates can be automatically installed in a single process.

In short you can install and update your Joobi Apps the same way you do with the Apps Store or Android Market.

Download jApps

Download Joobi

2. Install

Install jApps into your working Joomla environment. Make sure your website meets jApps pre-install requirements to ensure your Joobi Apps runs smoothly all the time.

To get started, browse through the list of Apps and install the ones you like

Joobi products always starts for 30-day Free Trial. When it comes to knowing if a product or service is right for you, nothing can beat a chance to experience and test-drive it for yourself. Just start paying when you’re ready and of-course happy.

3. Make Better Decision

Plenty of extensions means plenty of duplicated data everywhere. This can get frustrating to maintain and keep up.

With Joobi solution, we designed our system to make it easier to maintain and manage your data in all-in-one place to give you a 360-degree view of your business.

integrated solution

4. You Save Time & Money

Getting products from different companies come in fixed prices and if you do the math, you could be paying thousands, if not hundreds, just to get everything set up and make them work together.

With Joobi you can enjoy All 14+ Joomla extensions for a plan designed for everyone and every budget or even start for FREE.

And they ALL amazingly work together out of the box. There's no need to hire expensive developers or spend time building complex integrations yourself.

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