Why integrated solution is better

Discover what it feels like to have all your data at your fingertips!

How Joomla & WordPress plugins works:

Scattered data set

Each Joomla extension has it's own specific data and each of these add-on are not always in sync with each other. There is a great chance to miss information that really matters.

Completely separate plugins

Most Joomla and WordPress plugins are completely separated from each other. You need to buy your shopping cart here, your newsletter over there, and classifieds in another separate extension. It can be very tiring.

Onerous maintenance

Plenty of plugins also require plenty of manual work. Separate plugins also require separate maintenance. This can get frustrating.

Long learning curve

Familiarizing yourself with one new software is challenging enough. But if you have plenty of extensions, it requires you to learn again and again, which can be really difficult.

Bloated Website

Having a lot of plugins means a lot of resources to load. This can slow down your website’s loading speed through adding extra http requests.


Getting extensions from different companies come in fixed prices and if you do the math, you could be paying thousands, if not hundreds, just to get everything set up.

How Joobi Applications works:

Coherent data set

Joobi's suite of Application works together seamlessly, letting you focus more on important aspects of your business, rather than on cobbling together different tools.

All-in-one solution

Business concepts and state-of-the-art technology are combined to create a wide array of incredible and powerful products that are available in this all-in-one one solution.

Easy maintenance

Designed to provide efficiency and convenience—for everyone from novices to experts—you’ll be up and running in no time with just a few clicks.

Shorter learning curve

Each Joobi Applications share the same functionality. Once you learn how to use one App, you get around pretty quick with the others instantly.

Always on diet

Joobi Apps utilizes a technology that is not resource intensive and with built-in web optimization to help increase the speed of your website.


You can enjoy All Joobi extensions with our Exclusive Membership designed to help you get started and easily manage your online business at a very reasonable price.

Test drive the real thing

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