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Your genuine feedback will help future clients decide if our products are suitable to them.

We've been doing business for over 7 years, and it is people like you who keep us going. We want to hear about your good experiences with us. And we also understand the challenges of starting a business and have in getting the most out of their budget.
Simply select which testimonial you want to participate in below tabs and we will send you the discount which allows you to use Joobi products at a fraction of the cost.

    The discount offer is not applicable to Joobi discounted products and services.

Note: Below discount offering cannot be combined to any Joobi active promotions.

Give us a Review

If you would like to tell the world about your positive experience with Joobi products and services, get in touch.

Discount rate: 10% for any Joobi plans.
Condition: Only one review per company

Here are a few quick suggestions when doing a review:

(1) Provide your Name or Company Name, Job Title, Logo / Your Image and site URL.
(2) What made you decide to buy from us in the first place?
(3) What’s one thing we do better than others you do business with?

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Get Social

If haven’t been a client of ours yet, you can get a discount by following and giving us a like, tweet and review on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Discount rate: 5% for any Joobi plans.
Condition: Coupon is valid per user only. You cannot like us on facebook or twitter 4 times from different accounts of yours and get a quadruple of discounts.
Requirements: Minimum of 2 social accounts. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook or whatever accounts you have available. One Facebook like alone does not qualify for this offer.

Get Social and Review can be combined if you are happy with our services during your trial period. This means by following us on our social media accounts and by submitting a review about your good experience, you will get 20% discount.

Note: Your follows and likes on our social media accounts will be verified before discounts are being issued. Fake accounts or accounts that does not represent you are not valid.

Just click below social accounts to give your like and let us know via email review (at) with your social account name so we can verify and send you the discount code.

Submit a Case Study

Tell us how you are using Joobi by submitting a testimonial.

Discount rate: 15% for any Joobi plans.
Condition: Only one case study per company

Information required for a Case Study:

(1) Provide your Company Details (Company Name, Profile, Logo and URL)..
(2) Project Information(Project Title, Industry, URL and Screenshots).
(3) Solution(Explain why you chose our product and tell us what specific Joobi products and features you used in your project).

Note: Case Study cannot be combined to any other discount offering in the hope of getting a bigger discount.

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Give us a Video Testimonial

We found sharing testimonials from customers is the most effective way to build trust with potential customers. And the best way to add authenticity to a testimonial is to capture it on video.

We only accept submission with the highest video and audio quality.

Discount rate: 15% for any Joobi plans.
Condition: Only one video testimonial per company

We have 2 easy options for you to provide a video testimonial:

(1) If you do not have the mean to take a video, we can schedule a skype video call to film your testimonial.
(2) Use your mobile device or a computer (laptop) that is equipped with a webcam to record your testimonial, then email it to review (at) If your video file is bigger, you can use dropbox or any free file hosting to share your video file.

Here are a few quick suggestions when doing a video testimonial:

(1) Just act & speak casually; like you're talking to your family and friends.
(2) Most folks don't tend to watch videos for more than 2 minutes so keep it short
(3) Video sound & quality look great when done inside in a well-lit room
(4) Describing HOW we helped you means more to the viewer than a long list of flowery superlatives. Tell them specifically what you appreciated most about our services.

Note: Video testimonial cannot be combined to any other discount offering in the hope of getting a bigger discount.

Joobi has the right to reject testimonials that does not meet quality standards.