Start here before reading other parts of the tutorials. This is intended as a quick get started guide to setting up your store. You’ll find...

Learn the Tricks how to setup and optimize your shop with less stress.

Catalog 26

Add, edit and delete products, attributes, terms, and inventory.

Configure the checkout experience and fulfill orders for your online store.

Setup up your shop’s SEO, currency or your storefront page layouts.

Add and configure your store supported payment gateways.

Specify which zone you ship to, and the tax rate your customers will pay.

Learn how to setup your multi-vendor store.

Customize all email notifications that is instantly sent to customers.

Bolt-on other Joobi apps and third party products to extend your store's functionality.

Find out how to easily customize the look and feel of your shop. For more theme customization, please refer to "Developer Zone" section in this...

Search through your customer list, setup user registration form and login.

Vendors 24

Add, edit and delete vendors, and setup vendor functionality.

Custom fields allows you to add (text fieds, date, pick-list, etc.) in your store. Reminder! Please read before making any changes....

Ways to make money from your online marketplace.

Everything you need to customize with Joobi themes, payments and shipping. Please visit our new and updated Developer Payment API.

Setup the product general configurations (languages, Translations, etc..)

Setup and configure your site Joobi modules.

Embed your Joobi powered online store anywhere.

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  • Refund Policy: All purchases made through Joobi store are final and there are no refunds. Joobi uses "evaluate before you buy" approach (30 days trial), we do NOT issue refunds after a membership is purchased.
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Note: Your subscription is renewed automatically at the end of the initial period, and the recurring payment will be made with the payment method you used to sign up. You can cancel the subscription at any time via Paypal.

Friendly Reminder

Joobi uses "evaluate before you buy" approach, we do NOT issue refunds after a subscription is purchased.
All basic plan (3 months) includes a back-link to

We invite you to:

Use the 30 days trial period before buying
Test-drive Joobi products using the demo website
For Mobile apps, check our iOS and Android demo


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