One of the main feature of debug mode preferences is the display of detailed views and options active on every Joobi pages.

For instance in the product page, it will show you all the preferences that is currently define and enabled from the admin settings.


  • It will speed up the debugging process as it will help us easily trace the preferences and views in every pages. You do not need to spend your time looking for the preferences in the admin panel.
  • And for store managers, it is easier to setup the store if you know what preferences is active and where to look for them.

Enable debug preferences

  • From the admin panel, navigate to jApps >> Preferences >> Views Tab
  • Enable "Show Page Details" and "Show Configuration" under direct editing section
  • Click [Save] once you are done

When you login as admin from the front-end or admin panel, you should see like below screenshot if you visit any Joobi pages.


The debug configuration is only applicable to Joobi products, it will not work to debug Joomla pages nor any third party extensions.



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Joobi uses "evaluate before you buy" approach, we do NOT issue refunds after a subscription is purchased.
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