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1. Software License

GPL V3 - You have the full access of the source code and you have 100% freedom to change the software. No IONCUBE needed.

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2. Software Benefits

After you purchase the software:

  • One year of free upgrades (If you made an order in 2011 (Until December 2011) or earlier, you are eligible for a free lifetime update)
  • One year access to support (Support is Not provided for a lifetime)
  • One year unlimited product download
  • Support via ticket system. Please read our Support Policy, which includes a list of things that we will support, and also things we will NOT support.
  • Joobi uses URL licensing which means, once the token is validated to one url, it is no longer usable. Moving a license is free. Your previous license will be deactivated and will be transferred to the new site.

3. Licensing

  • The license is only valid to 1 URL—means you cannot install our products to more than one website.
  • The license allows you to use the purchased product without a time limitation.
  • The license is transferable from one website to the other. (minimum 3 months)
  • The license can be use in the development environment. You need to contact us before you intend to move in your production site so we can provide you a new license.

Please check our Licensing and Purchasing FAQ.


4. Support renewal and upgrade policy:

  • Commercial users will receive at no additional cost all bug-fix updates and all further versions released within one year of the date of purchase.
  • Upgrades after the one-year period will be available at a discounted rate


5. Understanding Joobi Software Licensing

Joobi server does not check in real-time your software licenses. There are only two cases that we check for licensing.

  • When a demo or temporary license expires.
  • When you check for available updates and by support.

The software is not dependent on our server to function properly once it is installed and the license is validated in your website. This means that if something serious happen to us or the company, your business will still be up and running.

Joobi reserves the right to change or modify it's current License Policy with no prior notice. If we decide to change our License Policy, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the modification date below.

2005 - February 5, 2014