jVouchers Feature List

Discover jVouchers ever-expanding list of features.

Mobile Ready

Supported CMS Platform

  • Joomla 3.x ( Joobi Apps is still working under Joomla 2.5 but no support is provided)
  • WordPress 4.0 or higher

If you’re already using another CMS we are open to support other platforms as well, so we reach the widest possible web audience. Get in touch with us via ticket system.
Note: We only provide support to users using the latest versions of Joomla 3. We have dropped already the support to Joomla 2.5 websites.

Supported Mobile Platform

  • iOS
  • Android

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We can also support Windows, Blackberry, webOS, Tizen and Firefox OS base on request.

Mobile Ready

  • Bootstrap 3 as the core CSS framework
  • It looks amazingly beautiful in all screen sizes
  • Flexible built-in template system
  • Easy to customize design and layout
  • Edit any store buttons, icons and panes color or sizes without any CSS skills

Voucher System

  • Sell Vouchers, Gift Certificates, Rebate Offer, Coupons
  • Insert QR Codes in every vouchers
  • Personalize your voucher with your own designs
  • Automatic PDF invoice sent to recipients
  • Send as Gift to family or friends
  • Recipients receives the voucher through email with PDF attachment and with QR code on their confirmation email.
  • Be the only seller-sell your own vouchers
  • Multi-seller-allow users to sell vouchers to your store and make a profit from every sale they make


jMarket is required

Build a marketplace of buyers and sellers - where sellers post listings and profit from auctioneers sales.

  • Dedicated Frontend Vendor Area
  • Each vendors has their own unique store logins
  • Vendors manage all store transactions in the site fron-end
  • Vendors can create unlimited number of products (Store admin can limit the number of products a vendor can create)
  • Vendors can create unlimited number of categories
  • Ability for vendors to sell anything: physical products, events, services, downloadables, movies, pictures, templates, music, auctions, vouchers, etc...
  • Vendors can export Orders
  • Vendors can copy Products and Options
  • Vendors can import products, images, and more via CSV format
  • Fulfill orders
  • Vendors can create Coupons, Gift Certificate, Rebate Offer and Vouchers
  • Vendor can setup individual payment system
  • Vendor can setup individual shipping gateway
  • Vendor Defined Shipping Costs: per weight, per cart total price, per product (flat), live using (FedEX, USPS, UPS, etc.),
  • Vendor can setup specific TAX zones and rates
  • Flat shipping rates based on geographic locations
  • Automatic order notification to vendors (email is customizable by the admin)
  • Flexible Commission Structure and Calculations
  • Vendors can enter shipment tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Completely automated inventory control
  • Advance vendor statistic reporting right from the vendor area with graphical interface
  • Vendors can select their store theme
  • Vendor terms to setup their own terms & condition, refund policy, etc...
  • Vendors can setup banners in their store
  • Add unlimited number of Vendor accounts
  • Store admin can create products and assign it to another vendor
  • Ability to charge commissions for every vendor sale (Instant Commission with Paypal Adaptive or Manual process)
  • Ability to set different commission rates base on different Subscriptions
  • Store manager/ Site Administrator has full control of the Store
  • Admin can setup subscription packages with jSubscription to offer memberships
  • Full admin control over product approval. Mechanism to review/approve newly added products with an option to automatically approve items from vendors.
  • Store admin can limit the number of products a vendor can create
  • Store admin can limit the number of images a vendor can upload
  • Vendors can be restricted to only create items in certain categories within the store
  • Admin has the ability to Block specific Vendor
  • Admin can set default product options and attributes for all vendors
  • Store Admin has the ability to charge product listing fees using jSubscription
  • All shipping preferences and options are configurable per vendor or use system default shipping options
  • The cart and checkout process are configurable by the store admin
  • Store admin can control the number of times a digital product can be downloaded
  • Store admin can manage what payments or shipping gateway they can see in the vendor area
  • Store Locator / vendors map which list all vendors with direct link to individual profile
  • Vendor tour allows you to explain to your vendors the step-by-step setup of your store before they can start accepting orders in an interactive way.

Shopping & Merchandising

  • Sell anything – shippable products, services, downloads even electronic goods (pdf’s, videos, music files, etc.)
  • Sell auction items, vouchers, subscriptions, classifieds (requires other Joobi e-Commerce Apps)
  • Control the number of times a digital product can be downloaded
  • Products can be assigned in multiple categories
  • Shoppers Group - set different prices for different type of users
  • Price types - Standard and Free Price, Donation and Link for contact us
  • Abandoned cart notification
  • Product image zoom
  • Ajax search with option to define the result (name, prices, category, etc..)
  • Create a store menu to display specific product types
  • Create a store menu for specific category types
  • Create a store menu to display specific product types
  • Ability to categorize different type of products, e.g food, electronics, cars, mobiles, baby items and more
  • Supports SKU numbers
  • "Send a Friend" feature
  • Tell a Friend” feature
  • Advanced product search capabilities

Catalog Management

  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Products can be assigned in multiple categories
  • Categories can be assigned in multiple product type
  • Control the start and end display/availability of products
  • Restrictions for products (who can buy, who can see, and who can view prices)
  • Import / Export products, images, attributes and more via CSV format
  • Advance XML Import / Export Functionality for Categories
  • Import/export Custom Fields for Items
  • Unlimited image upload
  • Automatic image resize base on the pre-define dimension in the preferences
  • Block a Product
  • Watermark for images
  • Attributed Stocks -with stock management e.g 4 red shoes, 2 green shoes, etc.
  • Control the number of times a customer can download a digital product
  • Set goals and specify sales targets to accomplish per product
  • Add html or images to category pages
  • Ability to duplicate products
  • HTML-enriched product descriptions, introductions and custom fields
  • Related Products
  • Product Returns
  • Export products to Google Merchant
  • Flexible Product Types
  • Product attributes/options with optional price modifiers
  • Advanced product search capabilities into custom fields
  • Control which products are shown in the store homepage
  • Ability to change layouts for each product and category
  • Control the product image size on both product and catalog pages
  • Product Filters in the Advance Search using Custom Fields

Order and Checkout Management

  • Responsive One Page Checkout
  • PCI compliant ready
  • Multi Currency (currency around the world are available)
  • Create your new currency and conversion rates
  • Create manual invoices
  • Manage Refunds ( Approve/Deny or email Refund Request)
  • Ability to change an order “status”
  • View/delete orders
  • Notify customer when an order is shipped
  • Customizable email template notification of orders (e.g. completed order, waiting for payment, etc.)
  • View canceled orders
  • Add shipping tracking numbers to orders
  • Ability to add notes to an order during checkout
  • Ability to complete orders without registering (Guest Checkout)
  • Order History
  • Send an email using Order Information
  • Shortened checkout or traditional checkout
  • Limit the minimum amount or number of items a buyer can checkout per order
  • Limit the maximum number of items a buyer can checkout
  • Limit the minimum total amount in the cart to be able to place an order
  • Mandate users to agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Ability to control which fields are required / optional

Taxes & Shipping

Ignore shipping if you are selling Digital products.
  • Real-time shipping quotes from USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Brazil Correios and Australia Post
  • Shiprush Integrated ( Developed by Shiprush)
  • Manual shipping carriers base on your own pre-define rates
  • EU VAT API Integration
  • EU VAT number validation
  • Taxamo Integration
  • Flexible tax system
  • Include/exclude tax on products
  • Configure country-based tax
  • Ability to create tax base on product types
  • Assign tax rates to individual products
  • Provides you the ability to sell internationally and apply international tax rates
  • Set-up an unlimited number of tax structures
  • Advanced Shipping Management
  • Configure state-based tax
  • Create custom shipping methods
  • Create custom shipping costs by weight, quantity and location
  • Shipping types - free shipping, per weight, per product, per price, pick-up item
  • Ability to restrict shipping based on country or state
  • Manage shipping rates based on country and shipping method
  • Provides customer with the option of selecting from multiple methods from multiple shipping providers

Payment Solution

Below are the list of supported payment gateways and it is available for free to all Joobi free and paid members. We do not charge you for using any of them.

  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Pro (UK, Canada & USA)
  • Paypal Recurring
  • Paypal PayFlow
  • Paypal Express Checkout
  • Paypal Adaptive (Multi-vendor)
  • Authorize.net
  • Payson.se
  • Stripe
  • Stripe Recurring
  • Stripe Connect ( Multi-vendor)
  • eWay
  • PayJunction
  • Sagepay
  • PayU India
  • PayU South Africa
  • openpay.mx
  • Coinbase
  • Mollie
  • GoCardless
  • SecurePay
  • WorldPay
  • RedSys Gateway
  • Svea Web Pay
  • Money Bookers
  • 2Checkout
  • Alipay (Chinese Payment)
  • CCAvenue
  • Ideal
  • ePay.eu
  • ePay.bg
  • Quickpay
  • Dwolla
  • Beanstream
  • Realex Payments
  • Datacash
  • PaymentSense
  • Pin Payments
  • PayMill
  • Bluepay
  • MultiSafepay
  • CardSave
  • Wepay
  • USAePay
  • PaymentExpress DPS (PxPost)
  • Caixa
  • Mercado Pago (AR, BR, CO, MX, VE)
  • Pagseguro (Brazil)
  • Cielo (Brazil)
  • PayFast
  • Punto Pago
  • CCBill
  • Voguepay
  • Skrill
  • Manual Payment (For manual processing)
  • Offline Payment (Bank Transfer)
  • Credit Card payments (requires SSL)
  • AlphaUser Points
  • Point System
  • Payza
  • DIBS Payment
  • Telipass (French Gateway)
  • Doku (Indonesian Gateway)
  • Payeezy

Waiting for Test Accounts

  • Netbanx
  • Netaxept (BBS)
  • Buckaroo
  • Amazon Payments
  • Payplug

Can't find your local payment gateway? Contact us and we will develop the payment integration for a discounted fee.
Just provide us the payment api documentation and test accounts.
Note: If the payment system you want are listed above (Waiting for Test Accounts), it means we have the code ready and we will implement it for free if you have paid subscription.

Friendly Reminder:

Payment system are all working at time of development and are provided as it is. We do not provide any guarantee in our support policy to investigate any issue. We reserve the right to deal with it per request.
Payment gateway change their API from time to time. Since we support so may payment gateway and we include all of them into the main release, we cannot guarantee to keep them up to date all the time.
Some very popular gateway like Paypal, Stripe and other will mostly likely always be up to date, since many of our customers use them. But less known or used, might not be maintain up to date. In a case that some of them might require update, it will be the responsibility of the customer to keep them up to date.

Statistics & Reporting

  • Advanced sales reports
  • Revenue reports
  • Orders Report
  • Customers orders report
  • Products Report
  • Create reports based on specific dates
  • Top orders by product
  • Individual orders by date
  • Ability to filter reports by currency, payment method and order status
  • Customer report by total price and number of orders
  • Ability to export Reports
  • Best-sellers
  • Top customers

Localisation & Security

  • Geolocation - shows map and search products base on item location
  • Multi-language support
  • You can translate everything in the backend and frontend in many different languages
  • Translate All store notification emails in many different languages
  • Send email notification to users in different language base on the user selection when login
  • Direct Translation allows you to edit any view in the backend and front-end for convenience
  • Easily edit the translations files in the admin area if you prefer not to use the 'Direct Translation" feature
  • All translation are guaranteed safe during upgrades
  • Create unlimited user roles and integrate easily to Joomla user groups
  • Give customers/users different roles to access certain feature of your website
  • Full support of SSL
  • Double Security challenge in payment systems
  • Automatic security checking every page submission in the admin or front-end
  • Captcha protection: Google reCAPTCHA, Captcha using mathematical challenges and Graphical Captcha

We take security very seriously. We have developed an in-house tool that avoids any potential vulnerabilities. So far, there have been no vulnerabilities reported.

Marketing Tools

  • Reward system
  • Discount Coupons
  • Tiered Pricing for Store Admin and Vendors
  • Send as gift (Digital products only)
  • Promotions: Display promoted items at the top of the ajax search result, catalog listing, category listing, vendor page, and many others with customized background and border colors to highlight your item.
  • Rebate Offer
  • Gift Card
  • Time-limited promotions
  • Create a coupon specific to a product, category or customers
  • Send product newsletters to your customers
  • Email marketing integration with jNews (auto-responders, follow-up newsletters, etc.)
  • Send customized newsletter to customer who bought specific products
  • Product Review & Rating with option to allow only buyers can leave comments
  • Featured products, Popular products, New arrivals, most reviewed products and many others
  • SEO built in
  • Title and header tags
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Meta keywords
  • Custom metadata for every product and category
  • Rich Snippets with Schema.org Tags
  • RSS feeds Support

Custom Fields & Views

  • Ability to create unlimited fields for different product types (Product, Item, Auction, Ticket, Subscription, Voucher)
  • Ability to assign specific fields to certain product types
  • Ability to set certain access level for each field view and edit access
  • Searchable Fields
  • Set custom fields required or not
  • Insert Joomla contents through plugins to display galleries and presentations
  • Assign fields in Tabs
  • Assign specific content editor for text fields
  • Translate text & text are fields
  • Ability to create and show fields in various product areas
  • Modify any view in the backend or front-end without HTML skills
  • Edit any view in the backend without HTML skills

Field Types:

  • Text, Translated Text, Text Area, Translated Text Area
  • Pick-List
  • Date, Date and Time
  • Yes/No, Yes/No Reversed
  • Link
  • Number, Percentage
  • Publish
  • Email, Password
  • Price
  • Media ( Upload file and image)
  • Custom PHP

SMS Notifications

  • Send SMS notifications to admins/customers for any store activity
  • Customizable SMS text message

Supported SMS gateway:

  • callfire.com
  • bulksms.com
  • clickatell.com
  • itagg.com
  • nexmo.com
  • SMS Masivo
  • ZW eText

Cool Integrations

  • JomSocial to view user's orders in their profile
  • EasySocial to view user's orders in their profile
  • Google base integration
  • Falang
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Auto-post store items to Facebook and Twitter
  • jDefender to track product page visits and security
  • jMarket to handle Multi-vendor functionality
  • jSubscription to sell subscription & membership
  • jAuction to sell auction items
  • jContacts is a contact management to fully manage your customers and help you make better decisions
  • jAffiliates to offer affiliates in your store

Designer & Developer Information

  • Open source PHP code (100% unencrypted)
  • Object-oriented MVC architecture
  • Fully customizable design & layout
  • Edit any single view through the admin panel without any PHP knowledge
  • Re-arrange views, add rows and columns to re-design the layout in the front-end
  • Speed optimized architecture
  • Bootstrap 3 as the core CSS framework
  • Flexible built-in template system
  • Edit any store buttons, icons and panes color or sizes without any CSS skills
  • Minify CSS and JS files to optimize speed
  • Free CDN from Joobi to host your libraries

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