Joobi provide free support service to jNews Free and jStore users. However, Joobi free support does not include debugging for issues specific to your site.

A bug must be producible by everyone and in the Joobi demo site. If you have issues specific to your site only and require an experienced Joobi developer to debug, then you need to buy the Support Service.

What's included?

  • Support response within 24h depending on complexity (NO Weekends)
  • We will handle your support request like a paid member during your active subscription
  • We will login in to your site and conduct some diagnostic
  • If bug is found within Joobi Application, we will include it in the release or fix it in your site depending on complexity

What's NOT included?

  • We will not fix any third party conflict
  • We do not diagnose server related issues
  • CSS/JS conflicts caused by templates or third party extensions
  • Code modifications

Just for your information...

Joobi Free Support includes the following:

  • 48h-72h response time (usually within 24h)
  • Setup and configuration guidance by providing you link to articles.
  • Product and general questions
  • No debugging /Support won't login to your site to debug

Do NOT buy this service if you don't need diagnostic assistance. 

Those subscriptions are valid only to jNews Free and jStore users. Paid members with expired subscription are not eligible.

Friendly Reminder

Joobi uses "evaluate before you buy" approach, we do NOT issue refunds after a subscription is purchased.
All basic plan (3 months) includes a back-link to

We invite you to:

Use the 30 days trial period before buying
Test-drive Joobi products using the demo website
For Mobile apps, check our iOS and Android demo


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