Joobi experienced professionals can assist you with setup and configuration base on your requirements. Having said that, we can only setup for features which are available in the current stable release version.

We highly recommend to contact us first via VIP Ticket or LiveChat before purchasing the setup package to ensure that your requirements are feasible.

What's included?

  • Ensure Joobi applications are configured to run smoothly
  • Setup and Configure Joobi applications base on your requirements using available product features
  • Perform a series of samples to make sure the product is properly working
  • We will update your Joobi applications to the latest version. In the case that you made a custom code in the core files, we do not restore your custom code addon.

What's NOT included?

  • We will not setup Joomla or WordPress ssite settings not related to Joobi Applications
  • We do not install/configure your plugins/themes that are not part of Joobi Applications
  • We do not accept data entry job, we only provide samples to ensure your requirements are met
  • Joomla / WordPress training
  • Custom functionality add-on
  • Design improvements
  • We do not setup Joomla work not related to Joobi Apps such us Menus, Modulesm Language and Plugins.

Just for your information...

Before we can proceed with installation service we will need you to provide:

  • Detailed requirements—specific application setup
  • Access to your website administrator area
  • Fully paid installation service

Friendly Reminder

Joobi uses "evaluate before you buy" approach, we do NOT issue refunds after a subscription is purchased.
All basic plan (3 months) includes a back-link to

We invite you to:

Use the 30 days trial period before buying
Test-drive Joobi products using the demo website
For Mobile apps, check our iOS and Android demo


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