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Our support system is designed to automatically prioritize Joobi paid members base on severity of the problem and ticket creation time.

We recommend to our users to not update/edit your ticket twice. Here is why:

  • Ticket Queue Number

When you submit your "Ticket", you automatically get a "queue number" base on the number of tickets unanswered and your subscription plan. The number represent the number of customers ahead of you who are waiting for our first answer.

If you are a paid user, the number represent the number of paid user waiting ahead of you and the same way goes to free users. So please be patient.


  • We answer tickets starting with the oldest tickets first.
  • If you reply twice without waiting for an answer from our support agent, your ticket creation time will be restarted and your ticket will go at the bottom of the ticket listing.


So please be patient and stay polite. We are helping lots of people and being mean doesn't encourage us to help.

We aim to respond to your inquiry during our business hours 7:00-21:00 GMT(Monday-Friday).