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Security Release: update to jNews 7.9.x or higher

jNews is using an open source library called Open Flash Chart to display graphical statistics. Yesterday we indentified critical code execution vulnerabilities within Open Flash Chart file "ofc_upload_image.php".

All jNews users using version jNews 7.7.x and below are affected to this vulnerability.
We've released a new version jNews 7.9.x to address the problem and we highly recommend to update.

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jMarket 3.9 More profits and Easy payments

jMarket now makes it easier than ever to manage the commissions and payments to your vendors with Paypal Adaptive payment integration.
With adaptive payment you can split the payment directly at checkout between your vendors, the store manager or even any affiliates.

adaptive payment

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Social eCommerce with jMarket

Social eCommerce is currently a big trend in eCommerce. It uses the power of social media to better inform potential buyers of the latest happenings in your marketplace.
This new jMarket release will enpowers your marketplace with those new tools and will make sure you are not miss out on this new trend.

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jDloads - Your Robust File Manager

We are happy to invite you for the celebration of the newly born baby of Joobi Family, jDloads.

jdloads newsletter

jDloads is a robust and secure file manager component where you can download and upload multiple files in multiple ways.

It gives you power to manage your downloadable files efficiently by controlling the views and downloads to specific group of users like managers, authors, registered users, and more.

Get even more powerful with jMarket or jSubscription.
Gear up your jMarket with jDloads. This allows vendors to manage files and to see the list of files at vendor’s area. You will save more space on your server since jDloads can attach the same file to the different products with different purpose.

Earn more by using jSubscription with jDloads by restricting or giving access of multiple downloadable files to your customers.

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Joobi 3.0 is out!


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