jNews Social: "JomSocial Best Friends"

Loaded with all robust functionalities, features and integrations of jNews SuperPack, Advance Frontend Management + Social Features!

As the name might hint, jNews Social has been specially designed to integrate with JomSocial. If you use JomSocial this is probably the version you are looking for. You can use powerful JomSocial tags to send list of members, groups, photos, videos, etc... Pretty much anything which happen in JomSocial can be included into one newsletter.

jNews Social includes;
  • jBounceback connects to your mailbox and analyses bounce messages in order to clean up your list.
  • jLinks tracks the number of click on each link in your newsletter, you can learn what your readers want so that you can better focus on the needs and ultimately write better newsletters.
  • 38 Newsletter Templates

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Reviews 2

JNews Again

By: kapistrano on 23 March 2011 07:32AM  sorry for my bad english. jnews is worthy for my money.
thank you for the support who assist me in uninstaling my jSetup and replaced jCenter. i know you all busy developers for your many products but still come up for good feature for jnews.


Can't Imagine!

By: kapistrano on 23 March 2011 07:24AM  Many thanks for Joobi developers for creating this amazing product!
I can't think of other component with this feature in Joomla.
I really love the frontend capabilities that you added.

Guys continue innovating good products, I will never hesitate to buy this product over and over again!

Love the upgrades that is for a lifetime.


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