jNews introduces you to the next generation of email marketing. A powerful newsletter component for Joomla, jNews gives you quality outputs with the newest professional and cool features making sure that your communications yields the best results that you really wanted. From the makers of your best-loved email marketing app, Acajoom, jNews is still designed with ease of use and robustness in mind but with more powerful features to make your experience worthwhile.

jNews comes with the newest powerful features:

  • Send mailings to one or several lists
  • Enhanced jNews Module with Ajax effects and with cool display effects (Mootools Slide, Mootools Modal)
  • Includes 5 default newsletter templates to make your newsletter look sharp and professional
  • Newsletter templates management
  • Emails queue management and resend to overcome hosting limitation
  • Automatic subscription of users to one or more list upon registration
  • Enhanced Statistics to see how many who receives and reads your mails
  • Track subscriber's IP
  • Easily import your users from other Joomla newsletter system through CSV
  • Automatically synchronize with your Joomla users
  • Insert and Sort contents (articles from Joomla) according to date, section, or category
  • Unlimited lists
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Social Tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


jNews also integrate with many popular Joomla extensions:

  • JomSocial to automatically add newly registered JomSocial users to jNews subscribers
  • FlexiContent to add articles in your newsletter
  • Community Builder, list of newsletter on registration form
  • VirtueMart automatic subscription to list at registration
  • Includes K2 content into your newsletter
  • jMarket to insert Joobi Tags (Latest Products, Top Vendors and many more... )
  • jCalPro enable to insert events
  • And many more tags, like including product of VirtueMart in your newsletter.


It also includes classical newsletter functionality:

  • Handle registered or unregistered subscribers
  • Attachment capability
  • Email address validation and confirmation when registering (Double Opt-in)
  • Sending test email to admin before whole list
  • Embedded images option
  • Ability to Ban emails
  • Automated unsubscribing link
  • Preview newsletter before sending either on the screen or send a test email
  • HTML or TEXT-only mailings
  • Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened newsletters, HTML or text only)

Review 1

Works great

By: [email protected] on 15 August 2013 02:34PM  Great module. works almost flawlessly, regardless of how you set it up. Easy to config, not difficult to navigate. The default templates are quite attractive. Import excellent. many options that you would not expect for free.
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