Australia’s new digital payment system. Get paid in multiple currencies, face-to-face or across the world. Get paid to your bank account. No merchant account required.


  • Active Pin Payments account
  • Secret Key
  • SSL certificate installed and active on your site

Step 1 —You’ll need to activate your Pin Payments ccount

  • Log in to your Pin Payments dashboard
  • From the Account, you need to active your Pin Payments account to enable live payments
  • Click API Keys menu and copy the Secret Key under Test API Keys (Sandbox) or Live API Keys for (Live Transactions).
  • Once you complete the activation process, you will have both test and live API keys.

Secret keys are your primary API keys used on your server to create customers, charges, and refunds.


Step 2 —Enter your Secret Key

Go back to your [any Joobi ecommerce] payment creation page and paste the credentials that you copied from step 1.

Test Credit Cards

In Sandbox mode you can use test credit card numbers to test different transaction scenarios. You can browse the list of test cards in Pin Payment's documentation.