Hi! Hello everyone, I am a new venture company in Taiwan,CEO forES EGO CO., LTD.

My company main business is For customers to create integrated multifunction website

What made you decide to use Joobi?

1. Joobi的系統有非常完整的市場需求界面

Joobi system has a very complete for Market demand

for e-commerce functionality

system's jstore, jstore has a very complete for B2C e-commerce,it has unlimited number of products and categories,the point has others features integrate,

it can integrate jomsocial,easysocial,falang,jmarket,jsubscription,jaction,jaffiliates,others features has very

complete Payment Solution,can integrate others Payment Solution,Include Alipay,can integrate SMS notifications system,#






在系統裡有完整的客戶管理可聯繫的如jContacts,jTickets可打造一個小型的knowledge base,還可以讓客戶有回饋機制如jFeedback









2. 是什麼樣的原因,使用Joobi的系統,可以讓我的生意做更好呢?




3. 我們的產品與其他電子商務的區別是什麼?


有目前太多是別人沒有的就我使用Joomla 12年的經驗來說,我就找不到這麼完整的系統,我最想說的是,你麼的系統就是


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Hi! Hello everyone, I am a new venture company in Taiwan, CEO forES EGO CO., LTD.

My company's main business is for the customer to create integrated multifunction website

What is the reason I decided to use Joobi system?

The system has a very complete

1.Joobi demand interface

Joobi system has a very complete for Market demand

E-commerce functionality for e-commerce functionality

System has jstore, jstore of B2C e-commerce is a complete program, in addition to unlimited categories and unlimited products, other features in series is the focus, system's jstore, jstore has a very complete for B2C e-commerce, it has unlimited number of products and categories, the point has others features integrate,

Connect jomsocial, easysocial, falang, jmarket, jsubscription, jauction, jaffiliates, his functions where there is very
it can integrate jomsocial, easysocial, falang, jmarket, jsubscription, jaction, jaffiliates, others features has very

Complete cash flow module can be directly connected in series other cash flow, even Paypal has also concatenated SMS text message system, so do not have a complete system to shame
complete Payment Solution, can integrate others Payment Solution, Include Alipay, can integrate SMS notifications system, #

The jMarket system is one of my favorite products, he can let you create a network on their own mall, you can create a product specifically for your market

Genus mall, so many do not understand Elevated solve man, he no longer needs to look for a company to set up a dedicated Elevated site, you can direct and co-hire

A shop can do business on the Internet directly, such a good program, not to shame

The system has a jauction auction system, you can create an auction market for your platform, so that businesses want to clear some inventory, and to clearing unwanted debris

Can be directly sold in this system, it really is fantastic.

In the system has a complete customer management may contact such jContacts, jTickets can build a small knowledge base, but also allows customers to have feedback mechanisms such as jFeedback

It really is fantastic

The system can replace Joomla Acymailing with jNews, the system can be analyzed as well jbounceback Mail back

Cover, oh, this is really amazing

Joobi currently under development jDocumentation, the next you can create your own electronic bookstore, not only for your products and network standards, and also of the world community

Although there are other great features, but I can not clear them out, but I explain several key, Joobi system has a complete elastic can customize a lot of their market needs

To the field, you do not need to ask them again to help you change the system engineer, Joobi the system has a complete cash flow modules in series, you no longer need to worry the problem of cash flow

Joobi system, there can be concatenated SMS function, you do not understand computers in trouble how people receive orders, joobi there are complete statistics, you do not have to

Annoyance sell stuff to go, and now I want to say is ..... Stop it, so go buy a complete system, I have bought, you do not come to buy ^ _ ^

2. What is the reason, the use Joobi system that allows me to do business better?

Joobi system has a complete network connecting market mechanism, allow me to sell products directly to the Internet to solve a lot of my questions before I ask them to solve

Question, I want to find their own Joomla-related components, looking for a long time, but also to buy, but there are still a lot of places do not apply, because the individual components and other components can not be

Done in series, even if there is not enough to complete tandem, this is my most part by Shang brain, there Joobi system, and I do not have to worry, but not expensive.

3. What is the difference between our products and other e-commerce is?

Complete system in series and covers the complete market, the others have, there is its own shops, there are market, there is the auction, there are ticket volumes have sold membership levels, the market has done advertising

There are too many others do not currently use on my Joomla 12 years of experience, I can not find such a complete system, I want to say yes, it's your system is

Very, very complete