Creatingbusiness is a webdesign company based in southern Germany. We've been creating responsive websites mostly based on the Joomla cms for different industries and always are looking for the best solutions for their clients.

About the project

Creatingbusiness have built stores for gift vouchers, promotions etc. for various kind of industries especially for hotels, beauty salons and wellness spas.

Why Joobi solution was chosen?

We were looking a solution to sell gift vouchers, coupons, etc. on clients websites. We did a lot of research on the internet but we didnt find the perfect solution which fits our clients need until we came across the Joobi jvoucher extention and this one seemed to be perfect for our clients needs. So we installed the following extentions;

  • jApps
  • jVoucher
  • jMarket

Tell us about your experience...

On our demo site, we ran into some small issues and problems in setting up the software properly regarding the needs of our clients. But the support of Joobi was outstanding and they helped us to sort out each issue. Thats why we have decided to buy a plan so our clients can fully benefit from the exceptional work the Joobi team is doing.

As soon as we have bought a plan we will use the joobi extentions on different websites like:

We are sure to use other extentions from Joobi in other projects as well. But first we need to get familiar with all the extentions offered by joobi.