Bluepay provides technology-enabled credit card payment processing services for businesses in the U.S. and Canada.


  • Account ID: Your 12-digit BluePay 3.0 Account ID
  • Secret Key
  • SSL certificate installed and active on your site

Step 1 —You’ll need to setup a Bluepay account

  • Login to your BluePay account
  • Enter your Account Name, Username and Password then press Login
  • From the side menu click on Administration >> Account >> List
  • The Account ID will be listed next to the Account Name that you want to use
  • Click the account name to see the "account details"
  • Copy the Account ID and Secret Key (Click create new key if secret key is empty)


Step 2 —Go back to your Joobi ecommerce payment creation page and paste the credentials that you copied from step 1

Step 3 —Click [Save] to save the changes.

Sandbox Mode

Test Card Numbers

Use CVD/CVV code “123"

Visa – 4111111111111111
Visa – 4242424242424242
Master Card – 5439750001500222
Master Card – 5439750001500347
Discover – 6011111111111117
AMEX – 378282246310005