WordPress Visitor Analysis and Security Plugin

Just knowing how much traffic is coming to your site is not enough. You need to know exactly where your customers came from, how they moved through your site and where they left.

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Why you should choose jDefender?

Designed to protect and secure your business, so you can focus on your customer with peace of mind.

Proactive Shields

Protect your site against SQL Injection, Malicious User Agent, Direct File Inclusion, Remote File Inclusion and many others. These are the best ways to defend your site from common attacks you never knew existed.

Incident Recording

Track every detail of user activity and behavior to find out how the attackers are trying to penetrate your site.

Smart Notifications

Site administrator receives email alerts every time custom incidents or monitoring are triggered. Any time a user attempt to do an illegal action you will know about it instantly.

Stop Brute Force Attacks

Monitor how many failed login attempts and lock out users after too many login failures.

Hide Admin Login

Change the default URL of your WordPress and Joomla login area so attackers won't know where to look.


Inform site admin base on monitored user activity such as username, user id, user roles, and IP address.

Go back in Time

Easily track user views, behavior and activities in your WordPress website. Monitor page views, number of visits and returns, how long they stay, country tracking, operating system, browsers used, referring page and many more.

User Tracking

Track every single user activity either in the backend or frontend. Every pages or clicks are logged and can be viewed in the user profile. Full technical details, such as ISP, browser, operating system, etc... are also presented.

Comprehensive Auditing

Records data changes within your Joobi Applications such as create, update, delete of any items like products, orders, payments and any other data. Even better, it tells you exactly what are the changes that has been made.

Referrals & Search Engines

Easily get information about how your visitors come to the web site. See when search engine robots come to index your site and what pages they read.

Beautiful Reports

Get a detailed report on the number of page views, where they are from, total visit / new and retuning ratio, and many more to help you make smart business decisions and improve company's web site effectiveness.

Seamless Integration

Fully integrated and always in-sync with All Joobi Applications to help you always on the know and give you precise analysis to make the right decisions that affect the growth and security of your business.

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