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Wordpress multi-vendor plugin price

1 year 7 months ago #4998 by vermont45
Wordpress multi-vendor plugin price was created by vermont45
How does your pricing compare to woocommerce?
Can I use your plugin to unlimited domains?
If my membership expires, does jMarket plugin stop working or not?

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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #5002 by Auguste Schmidt
Replied by Auguste Schmidt on topic Wordpress multi-vendor plugin price
Hello Vermont45,

1. Joobi uses a pricing model similar to a themes club where you pay for one price which give you access to all Joobi plugins even new ones.
For $111 you can get all Joobi plugins (at the time of writing 19 plugins) and you can install the apps for unlimited websites. All features are added in the core so you do not need to pay to use basic feature.
-- While in Woocommerce, you need to buy a plugin to get a basic feature. In order for you to get the same functionalities and apps using Woocommerce, you would need to pay atleast $900 to get something close to what Joobi offers.
-- Also you would need to know some PHP if you start to edit some views even as simple as disabling an option or re-ordering the forms while in Joobi you can take advantage with graphical editor of views without any coding.
-- Another factor which I think important, if you start to add more features then you would need more plugins and some of them are from third party developers. The headache of maintaining all of them could be very expensive plus you have to make sure they all integrated. In Joobi, would not need to think about it— its all seamlessly integrated.

2. Yes you can install Joobi Applications for unlimited domain/websites

3. No, it will continue to work. You simply do not have the access to product updates when they become available, which means you cannot get new features.

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