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4 years 4 months ago #4034 by Justin Wells
feature enquiry was created by Justin Wells

I am looking for a multi-vender e commerce solution for paid downloadable 3D assets and graphic artwork of multiple file types which will allow me to split customer payments between the individual vendor and myself as the site owner automatically.

With your extension is there a file bundle feature so files are connected to each other and delivered from a secured download file directory, to protect from unauthorized downloads, and would this be compatible with download accelerators

As part of this I will also need to setup a membership/subscriptions for the vendors and I will need to either review or set a system to match the uploads, to the file type requirements of the each of the different software types their assets will have been produced on, before being published live on the site.

I also require from the extension to have multi main type categories’ subdivided into multiple categories’ with each able to display downloads which are both free and paid, which need to be displayed/searchable by: most popular, highest rated assets/highest rated vendor and priced low to high. Also I would like each of the assets to have customer review/comments available.

I am currently weighing up between your JMarket business version and HikaMarket for the best solution to my needs. And any input you might provide would be well received.

Kind Regards

Justin Wells

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