Release: Promotions, product badge and lot's of payment gateways!

Hello friends!

Here’s a quick note about the new updates we have for you today. Firstly, you might have noticed we’ve deployed the month of July release 2 weeks ago which focuses on product stability.
Today's release is all about helping you expand  sales and make  it  easier to  sell cross border with 4 new payment gateways (and counting). Here's the list;

Updated Applications: jStore, jMarket, jAuction, jVoucher, jDloads and jSubscription

New Features

  • New: Product badge- the new badge system (New, Hot, Featured, etc.) is now fully CSS so you can customize them easily.
  • New: Payment Gateways

Note: All payment systems listed above has been tested to work using a Sandbox environment.

  • New: Promotions- You can now offer promotions to your vendors to get listed to the top of the listing for certain duration. It can be a free promotions or a paid one using jSubscription.
Even better, Promotion and Badge system can be combine to make your Promotions stand from the crowd. You can create promotion with different background colors, badge styles and color, border color and even position.

Promotion can be posted in the following areas:
  1. Catalog Carousel
  2. Catalog Items
  3. Category Carousel
  4. Category Items
  5. Search results
  6. Vendor's Carousel
  7. vendor Items
  1. Joobi - Auction Module
  2. Joobi - Download Module
  3. Joobi - Items Module
  4. Joobi - Product List


  • Improved: Product attributes and attribute values are now translatable
  • Improved: Users are now redirected to login page when click "vendor area" menu if the user is not login.
  • Improved: Allow mouse over in the catalog even there is no video preview
  • Improved: Text field in the attribute to ask information customers. It's a text field where you can ask customers data of the item before checkout.



  • Resolved: Creating fiels will result to some PHP Notices
  • Resolved: Email icon in the item page is not clickable
  • Resolved: Croatian language file was removed in the stable server after jCenter 3.2.4 update.
  • Resolved: Automatic value generation in the Pick-list stops generating values after value 10.
  • Resolved: Facebook like button was not clickable in catalog home and in auctions items.

This version has been released to some users already last Friday (July 18).

One more thing…

Oh, we nearly forgot. We’ve been working on implementing some of the most requested Payment Gateways to our ecommerce solutions. If there’s something you’d like us add, please drop us a line.

Who can upgrade?

  • In order to update, you need  to have jCenter 3.0 and higher.  You can do simply by upgrading in your jCenter using automatic update.
  • Users with an active membership/license.

New to Joobi?

Evaluate all Joobi Applications before you purchase for Free. Download it here.

We hope you all really enjoy the new features and we will keep working smarter to make your experience the best it can be.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new release let us know immediately and we'll fix it!

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July Release: jCenter 3.2.4
July Release: jCenter 3.2.6


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