[Release] June release focuses on product stability and enhancements.

january release

Another month, another cool little release focuses on stability. Improvement on product zoom, one page checkout, and pdf handeling.



  • Enhancement: Product image zoom enhancement to properly display in Chrome browser

  • Enhancement: One-page checkout layout enhancement to render properly

  • Enhancement: Gift card does not attached pdf file due to server restrictions. We now put a message if your server does not meet minimum requirements to use the PDF feature.

  • Enhancement: Terms and Condition modal window will now display properly in most Bootstrap support template. If your modal window display is out of proportion, you must verify if the template you are using has customised the modal class and do the edit your self to the size of your liking.

  • Fixed: Price types donation link does not display proper text field

  • Fixed: Shoppers group display the same for all users

  • Fixed: When download limit is reached it will result to unlimited download

  • Fixed: Generating manual invoice result to a PHP notice

  • Fixed: Changing order status result to a PHP error for users using PHP 5.6

  • Fixed: Adding your customer package tracking numbers does get save after clicking save button

  • Fixed: jTickets text area get messed up when using an older version of JCE editor

Going deeper

Of course we haven't just been working on adding new features and functionality, we've also worked on fixing bugs that has been reported from last week release. If you’d like to read more about the specific improvements and bug fixes we’ve made, check out the changelog.



If you'd like to receive notifications when we release these new additions, subscribe to this blog by going to the right-hand corner of this page "Subscribe to Blog".


We hope you like the new additions as much as we do! We appreciate all the positive words, feedback, and suggestions that you have been sending our way. Please keep the feedback coming! As always, if you hit any snags with the new version let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up.

How do I update?

Requirements: You need jApps 2.8 to access the new released version. If you are using a version lower than jApps 2.8, please browse the change-logs and locate the version you are using and follow each individual update guide.

Website Backup: Your Responsibility!

We always recommend to do a backup before doing any changes in your production website and ensure you can easily recover your backup.

If you meet the above requirements, just wait for an automated email from your website notifying you about the new update (usually it takes a few hours, up to a week after the initial release) so you get a more stable build.

However if you can't wait to get your hands on the new enhancements, just click "Check" button from jApps App manager page.

You'll need an active subscription to access the release server. If you have an expired subscription, please renew your membership.

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