Release: Product image zoom, image scroller and so much more!

Hello friends! It's time for another release!

Last month we released jStore for Free to use by everyone, and we're glad that you all liked it. If you haven't check jStore yet, see this article and discover why you'll love to use it.


Today's release focuses more on product stability, of-course we also add some new features and improvements. Here's the list;

Affected Extensions: jStore, jMarket, jAuction, jVoucher and jSubscription

New Feature

  • New: Product zoom in the item page
  • New: Responsive image thumbnail scroller in the item page
  • New: Currency displays (Symbol: $4.00, Code: 4.00 USD and Both: $4.00 USD)
  • New: Payment system
  • New: Social icons so you can change the color and sizes like everything else in item page
  • New: Specify products dimensions ( length, width, height ) and searchable with the advance search
  • New: Product dimensions and will display as searchable fields in the advance seach module


  • Improved: Ordering of custom fields (pick-list) in the item page
  • Improved: error rendering in jVoucher when user server is not setup properly to handle automatic pdf generation
  • Improved: Show bidding price even the auction has ended
  • Improved: Auction listing to better differentiate properly the active and finished auctions
  • Improved: Product Attributes (name & description) can now be translated into multiple languages
  • Improved: Ability to show custom fields to a specific product types
  • Improved: Paypal recurring to give proper checking and error message when user does not have the right credentials
  • Improved: guest checkout to properly check if a user is login or not
  • Improved: Coupon Area UI to show only the views which are necessary base on the user selection
  • Improved: product calendar to highlight the user current server time in the selection
  • Improved: Template system improvements to avoid future problems and making it more stable.
  • Improved: Winning bid price are now displayed

Did you cloned the themes?

Due to the Template Improvements we did in version 3.2 of jCenter, all users who are still using jCenter 3.1 and below, please read below guide.

If you customized the themes by cloning it, and you want to update to the latest version of jCenter 3.2 and higher, you need to copy the files below from the original theme to the cloned theme.

Original Theme


Cloned - if you use clone system



  • Resolved: Multi-language translation display a blank page in the translation window
  • Resolved: Manual user synchronization stops when it finds an invalid email
  • Resolved: Change order status from Wait for reply to Completed will result a missing "Tag" message in the email
  • Resolved: Inserting text in the offline payment message and email will not save after clicking Save or Done button
  • Resolved: Multiple choice type of field is not selected after saving in the product edit page
  • Resolved: Direct edit or direct translate does not save if you click Done button instead of Save
  • Resolved: Vendor terms creation shows access level error
  • Resolved: Disabling theme optimization displays some PHP notices
  • Resolved: Special character (Ä) was showing in the editor if users are using a language with special characters
  • Resolved: jAuction item page icons aren't clickable due to the auction count down javascript conflict
  • Resolved: Auction with bids shows 0 bids when auction is over
  • Resolved: Facebook icon aren't clickable in the catalog homepage
  • Resolved: Order numbers are showing in lowercase after jCenter 3.2 released in the weekly update
  • Resolved: Auction fees are not added in the winning price

P.S We are using Joomla modal to show product image in pop-up and other areas of the extension however it creates some conflicts in a number of Bootstrap base templates so we decided to remove it in this version. We will be replacing it with the Bootstrap modal and it should be included in the future release.


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Who can upgrade?

  • In order to update, you need to have jCenter 3.0 and higher. You can do simply by upgrading in your jCenter using automatic update.
  • Users with an active membership/license.

New to Joobi?

Evaluate all Joobi Applications before you purchase for Free. Download it here.

We hope you all really enjoy the new features and we will keep working smarter to make your experience the best it can be.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new release let us know immediately and we'll fix it!

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June Release: jCenter 3.1.x
July Release: jCenter 3.2.4


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