Meet jClassifieds, our new Joomla Classifieds Extension

Time after time, you've told us that you love Joobi solutions because each applications you use are seamlessly integrated. When it doesn't do so, it's not so cool, and ultimately not efficient. We understand that buying products from different sources is a pain to maintain and keep them all up to date at all time... and costly too!



So today, we're excited to launch a tool that let's you start your own Craiglist classifieds website: Meet jClassifieds.
This easy-to-use app use the powerful catalog of jStore application and is loaded it with new powerful classifieds functionalities that will transform your Classified ads website into a money making machine.

It's time to finally stop your frustrating routines trying to bolt-on completely separated extensions, and discover what it feels like to have all your data at your fingertips!

Right now you're probably thinking, "Jeeez, I wish I could see all jClassifieds incredible features in one bulleted list." Well, check this out:

jClassifieds Awesome Classifieds Features:


Classified Listing Types

  • Wanted Ads
  • Vehicle
  • Services
  • Jobs
  • Properties
  • General
  • Dating
  • Anything else you want!
Test drive the real thing and discover jClassifieds ever-expanding list of features.

Visit the Demo

Ads Promotion

Featured Ads are shown in the following locations;

  • Catalog Carousel
  • Catalog Items Listing
  • Category Carousel
  • Category Item Listing
  • Search Results
  • Vendors Carousel
  • Vendors Item Listing
  • Products Listing Module
  • Lowest Price Filtering Result
  • Popular Products Filtering Result


Ads Promotion Display

Each promotion can be displayed differently with different look and feel.

  • Badge Position:Top - Right, Top - Left, Bottom - Right, and Bottom - Left
  • Customizable Badge Name (e.g Hot, Featured, Cool, etc...)
  • Badge Style: 9 available badge styles ( Ribbon Vertical, Leaf Vertical, Bubble Label, Standard Circle, etc..)
  • You can also create your own badge styles however you may need to have a good CSS skills to be able to do it.
  • Badge Color: Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Light Blue (Bootstrap Colors)
  • Ad Background Color (color picker)
  • Ad Border Color: Default, White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Light Blue
  • Ability to add your own CSS Class and Style


Offer and Quote System

Allow users to post items that can be purchased by "offering a price", "quote", or by offering to exchange "Bartering" other items already available in the store and discuss about the offer.

  • Customers can make an offer or a quote to a listing
  • Customers can add the following information in their listing offer;
  • Attachment of files
  • tart and End date of the Offer
  • Price of the Offer
  • Sellers and customers can discuss each other about the offer
  • Seller can create a customer invoice if both agrees with the offer
  • Seller can Accept, Reject, Review an offer
  • Customers offer can be set to be shown in Public or Private




Monetization / Pay per ad

A good way to earn extra by charging users per ad posting in your website. You can select the number of products or images the user can post for certain time duration.

Note: Some monetization features require jSubscription to be installed to handle the restriction of sellers.

  • Ad Promotion can be set to display certain time duration (days, months, etc..)
  • Paid Ad Promotion base on Ads Display and Location
  • Paid Ad Promotion for different listing duration
  • Charge sellers base on the number of ad listing they can upload
  • Charge sellers base on the number of ad listing images they can upload per item
  • Charge sellers to post ad items in your store
  • Charge users to become a seller
Test drive the real thing and discover jClassifieds ever-expanding list of features.

Visit the Demo

Offer System Notifications

  • Send a reviewed email notification to the customer when the offer is reviewed
  • Send a rejected email notification to the customer when the offer is rejected
  • Send a accepted email notification to the customer when the offer is accepted
  • Send a reply email notification to the customer when the seller reply to the offer
  • Send a reply email notification to the customer when the user reply to the offer

Single or Multi-vendor

Run your own single classifieds or integrate with jMarket to manage a whole network of ads, similar to Craigslist and Olx.

Payment Gateways

jClassifieds comes with over 45 free pre-integrated payment gateways so you can easily monetize your site. 

  • Paypal
  • Dwolla
  • Stripe
  • eWay
  • PayU India
  • PayU South Africa
  • Coinbase
  • Pagseguro
  • Pin Payments
  • Realex Payments
  • Payza
  • Card Save
  • GoCardless
  • And many more!

Mobile Ready

jClassifieds uses Bootstrap 3 as an underlying CSS framework. It looks amazingly beautiful in all screen sizes.


And that is not all - jClassifieds has a bunch of eCommerce coolness.


To celebrate this release, we'd like to offer all Joobi members a 15% discount for new subscriptions and 30% for renewals until November 3, 2014.

New purchases discount code: MEET-JCLASSIFIEDS

For Renewal Discount:

CLUB subscription renewal: RENEW-CLUB-30

Single subscription renewal: RENEW-SINGLE-30

Note: Renewal discount code will work only for users who previously purchased at least one subscription plans.

So that's it! We'll stop our yapping now. Please enjoy our new jClassified app.

Oh, and you should really follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

October Release: jCenter 3.4
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