Joobi listing has been unpublished from JED!

Three weeks ago Joomla Extensions Directory unpublished all our extensions without much explanation.

The JED finally give us the reasons as follow:

(1) They mentioned that there was an sql error when you install 2 of the extensions one after the other. While it seems correct with the package that we provided at that time, this issues has been fixed quite a long time ago.

(2) The second reason that is mentioned.
"Second we've had multiple reports that extensions will not function without entering a license key and contain call-home functions."
This is totally not true and none of you, our users have reported this.

After many back and forth discussions with the support team at the JED they finally provided the real reason.
“The reports were founded and verified based on your own documentation as seen here:".

The page in question, was a very old page deep inside the documentation which was not relevant any more which indicated that the license was restricted to 1 url. Since 2013 those restrictions have been removed to align with JED terms. So the only problem was an outdated page.

For any question regarding licensing please refer to the licensing page at:

We hope this clarify why our extensions have been unpublished and re-affirm our commitment to comply to the JED rules.
We are now waiting for the JED to republish the extension since the mistakes have been corrected.

Say hello to our brand-new website!
September Release: jCenter 3.3.x


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