Joobi features you didn’t know about but probably using it

Joobi provides the most complete and integrated eCommerce solution out there, but most of its users are most likely not using its full potential. The chances are, your site is already loaded with various "components", "plugins" and "modules," which could lead you not to notice. But there’s a wealth of exciting features to be found when you take a moment to explore and dig a bit deeper.



1. Web Optimization

  • Free CDN

All Joobi products are by default using a free Joobi CDN to store external files to help increase the speed of your website.

  • Minified Files

By default Joobi products files are minified (CSS/JS/PHP) to increase the speed of your website. You can also turn off file minimisation to edit your files and turn it on again once you have made your modification.


2. Security Checking

Security is our main priority, and we mean it. Joobi applications that are developed using Joobi framework (under jCenter) runs through a series of security checks.

First, we've developed an in-house tool which checks and notify our developers for possible human errors in the code that can possibly introduce potential vulnerabilities.
Second, all Joobi applications has a built-in security tool which checks every Joobi page submission and alert administrators about the possible problem.
Third, every time you request for an install or an update into the Joobi server a security checking is also performed for the integrity of the data.

We started to develop our products using Joobi framework back in 2007, and since then we have not yet received any security reports from our users.

*Note: jNews is not built using Joobi framework but using the Joomla technology.

3. Smart Apps

  • Adaptive and exponential pagination

A pagination gives you the possibility to navigate easily anywhere in your pages even if you have millions of items. It will automatically adapt and present an exponential scale, so you can easily go to the pages you want to browse, and will only show if there is enough item to navigate.

  • Page Number Display

The number of items to display will adjust based on the number of items available.


  • Smart Legends

Legends are always visible at the bottom of each Joobi product. It is smart because it only displays the usable legends based on the content you are browsing. It will never display all legends at once if it is not necessary.


4. No Coding Skills Required

  • Easily customize views / pages

You do not need any coding skills to create or edit a view. You can change how the view is presented and how it should behave in your website.

  • Direct Edit

This functionality allows you to edit view elements directly from the page without having to look for the right files to edit. Just look for the page you want to edit (frontend and admin area) and click edit icon to implement your changes.

  • Direct Translate

This feature is similar to "Direct Edit" where the contents/views are written in more than one language. The information displayed in different languages is often the same, but maybe tailored for different audiences.


5. Centralized and seamless integration between Apps

Most Joobi products are using the same exact views and database tables to avoid repetitive task, and of course duplicated data.

Imagine you have 2 e-Commerce products (a classified and a shopping cart) from 2 different providers. Each of the software has it's own user data, product tables, etc..and the list goes on.. You will end up having 2 or more user tables , plus you will need to pay someone to make these data works with each other.

  • New Features

With Joobi, since each application shares the same views and database, if we add a feature in jStore, it will be instantly added in all e-Commerce applications. And the beauty about it, is when you navigate in the admin area, you will not even notice that you are actually browsing another Joobi application until you check the URL.

  • Only once not twice

Translation is quiet frustrating if you need to translate the same exact strings many times. We've been in this situation before and it is indeed a time consuming task. But if you have been using Joobi products for a while now, you should notice that all Joobi products that shares the same views also share the same exact translation string. So if you have translated already the string "Order" in jStore, then it will be translated too in jMarket and other products which uses the same string.

6. Seamless compatibility between platforms

  • Smart and robust technology

All Joobi applications (except jNews) are built using a rock-solid and flexible web framework that allow us to develop customized features based on your requirements and integrate them seamlessly into the production release.
The end result, is web Apps for Joomla and WordPress, which are more complete, more integrated and more secure.

  • Coming (when WordPress is released)

You can easily switch from Joomla to WordPress or vice versa with Joobi products without any migration process.

7. Native Multi-language

One thing that is good with Joobi is that multi-language is native, even customer fields, admin and frontend views, and all email notifications can be multi-languages to cater international audience. All translations are preserved during update.

Multi-language selector in the email notifications page:


All views/elements are translatable as well:


8. Installation Sound

Every successful install of all Joobi applications, a unique sound will be played to alert you so you can continue working while the installation is running. If you haven't heard it yet, just turn on your computer sound before you perform an installation or Joobi product update.


9. Easy Configuration and Debugging

  • Debug only per user

You can turn on the debug mode per user so that you can debug your site without disturbing your customers.

  • Show Configurations

Lack of information could be frustrating and time consuming. Enabling this feature will display what settings and views are enabled in a Joobi page, so you can easily find the right configurations (options, views, URLS, settings location). This feature is available for site administrators in the admin panel and frontend.

  • Show PHP errors

In some cases, you will face a blank page where debug mode is not very helpful. By enabling this option, you will be able to see the PHP errors in your website and easily fix or report it to the developers, instead of enabling php errors in your php.ini where most of the users has no idea what it is and where it is located.


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