Competition is increasing for real estate agents. Many of the smaller brokerage houses are having a hard time with digitization. A lack of media skills not only leads to dissatisfied tenants and buyers, it also damages the competitiveness of the real estate agent in property acquisition. 


The broker website is the new shop window - here the broker must be convincing if he wants to attract potential sellers. An essential element of persuasion takes place before the potential seller visits the homepage, the seller must first find the broker through the search engines, usually through Google. Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), brokers can approach new potential customers. There are also many tools a real estate agent can use to further attract more visitors to his website. The four most important tips for attracting more visitors to a real estate website are outlined below.


·1. Make the visitors happy

In order to remain competitive itself, the search engine continuously updates its routines - the focus is on the customer, i.e. the searcher. If the quality of the broker's homepage is high, and the searcher finds what it needs, the ranking will be higher. Google can measure the satisfaction of website visitors through session duration and user behavior on the page.


·2. Avoid duplicate content

Duplicate content is a dirty word for anyone who has ever dealt with search engine optimization. Google rewards unique texts, but mercilessly punishes texts and content that appear twice on the web. Brokers should therefore attach particular importance to uniqueness in the design of their website, but under no circumstances should they use content from other brokers. Incidentally, this is also considered a copyright violation, which could be legally punished. 


·3. Speed and page structure

Google rewards fast loading and logically structured websites. For people who do not have any experience in page structuring, it is strongly recommended to consult Atlanta SEO experts on this topic before structuring your homepage. As a rule, brokers are sales professionals, but have limited skills in the field of web design and therefore do not recognize when they make serious mistakes in the structure of their homepage. 


·4. Content is king

Google loves good content since it is the most important element for search engines. Publishing regularity is important since Google uses crawlers that detect when elements on your website change or new ones are added. The more frequently changes occur, the more frequently your website will be re-checked by Google, increasing your ranking chances. 


It’s also important to create articles regularly since a blog with insufficient content makes a bad impression on new customers. But, brokers should write SEO texts in short, easy-to-read sentences. In addition, large blocks of text are difficult for users and search engines to digest, so you should use subheadings and divide the text into smaller sections.